If you have come to this page you want to know a little more about ElephantBum. Well Hi I’m Danni and I am ElephantBum.


With a degree in Graphic Design, and the love of screen printing I started building ElephantBum in 2012, first I was printing for friends and family and then the ball started rolling and it was becoming a small business that I loved more each day.


I do every step of ElephantBum from taking photos at the photoshoot to printing the garments the only step I don’t do is deliver them to your door (if I could I would, I love meeting those who buy my t-shirts).


I only have a few helping hands along the way the first being my beautiful friends who model for me because as much as I love my t-shirts you will rarely find me in front of the camera usually behind it. The second being my wonderful fiancé Simon he helps every step of the process so without him ElephantBum wouldn’t exist.